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    Adults and Teens Introduction to Modernity

    We have a fabulous introduction to Western Modernity. We focus upon just a few artists and introduce the key aesthetics of the art movements and introduce you to visual analysis. We teach the skills that can give you the ability to discuss western art with knowledge and confidence.

    Academic Drawing Beginners Still Life

    This course is for absolute beginners or people who just feel that they are not one hundred per cent sure on what to do or why they use a certain pencil or shading or mark making technique. If you do not know a scumble from a directional hatch then start here.

    Landscape Drawing for Beginners

    This Course is for people interested in developing skills for landscape drawing . The current urban drawing craze has made going outside and sketching the environment a very popular activity. If you like doing this but don't quite know the difference between linear and atmospheric perspective or how to create the illusion of metal or shrubbery, then this course is for you.

    Online watercolour for beginners

    This Course is for people interested in developing skills for watercolour painting. Through a series of 6 projects we learn wet on wet and wet on dry. We learn about paper and brushes and colour triads. There are 6 live sessions. Video tutorials and worksheets.

    Online Art History for younger Art Historians.

    This Course is for younger students, aged between 9 and and 12years. We look at the key art works of the art movement and ask why the artist painted certain views or people. We ask how major events and inventions influenced the work and we learn how to analyse and discuss the artworks.

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