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Invoicing... I need Fapiao (VAT invoice)

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I need Fapiao, what information I should provide?

You will need to provide the following information in Chinese, you can ask for the person in charge of taxation or accounting.:

  1.   Name of the invoicee
  2.   Address of the invoicee 
  3.   Social credit No. 
  4.   Bank account and bank name 
  5.   Type of VAT invoice you may accept. 
There are two types of VAT invoices under Chinese taxation law.
  • special purpose VAT invoice
  • General VAT invoice 

What type of VAT invoice Civillita may issue

We can only issue VAT invoices for non-virtual goods under the category of stationery .  

How you are going to deliver the Fapiao.

There are two ways of issuance of VAT invoices.

1. electronic form

Invoice can be issued through electronic platform, such invoices will not be issued in paper form. You can download and it is acceptable and can be verified by tax regulator.

2. Paper form

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