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    Civillita 是简单、可靠的美术用品在线购物平台。

    Civillita is a simple shopping place for art supllies that you can rely on.


    Civillita 是慈存贸易(上海)有限公司与客户和粉丝互动的平台,公司是在新冠肺炎的笼罩下成立的。

    This official account is a platform that Civillita interacts with its customers, Civillita was founded during the lockdown of Covid-19.


    创始人Theresa (Terri) 是英国的美术老师,她数十年从事美术教学,其中包括多年在中国的教学。 由于职业关系,她热衷于搜寻质量上乘的美术材料。 但是,由于语言障碍,她常因无法采购所需的美术用品,而饱受无米之炊之苦。当然,这些困苦,很多时候和语言障碍无关。 即使是土生土长中国同行、学生,也常有困难。

    The founder of Civillita Theresa (Terri) is originally from the UK, and happy to call China home.


    We started as an art shop that offered workshops; and whilst we still offer workshops we have evolved into an art shop and studio space that develops and supports artists. We specialise in short courses for adults and teens, Drawing and Art History.

    We firmly believe that our Art HIstory PD for Art Teachers is one of the best available.

    We regularly support teens with CAS Creativity requirements, skill development for highschool exams (IGCSE, GCSE, Alevel and IB) and portfolio development. 


    Like all contemporary art studios we create fine art and work with advertising and marketing companies to create props and decor on commission. Should you have a project, we are sure to know an artist.






    Civillita Taobao Store

    Art Materials Can still be found on Wechat and Taobao.


    scan this code in tabao to go directly to our taobao store. Or come and visit us in person in Jiuting.

  • eShop for Art Supplies


    Click the categories or peruse our collection. Payment on WeChat can only be used from a computer.


  • Brands 品牌

    Civillita provides its customers with art supplies from established brands;
    Pebeo, Faber Castell, Backe, Baohong, Phoenix, Kasimir, Maries. We try and test.

  • Working with Schools, Studios and Museums

    Contact us for discount supplies with fapiao and educational art program design.

    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    Art Gallery & Museum

    We can design learning materials for your exhibition for learners young and old. Contact us

    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    Schools & Art Academy

    Let us organize your materials requisitions and ease the workload for both teacher and purchasing..

    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY



    Come to us for quality materials, good prices, and expedient service.

  • Workshop


    Activity in the Studio


    Lino Printing Workshops


    Every Sunday 10-12.30pm

    We offer a range of workshops to support planning for the classroom. or creating your own holiday cards, just for fun.

    Paint like a Master Oil Painting For Beginners .

    Ever wanted to paint like a master? We offer a range of workshops for Adults and Teenagers. A space to paint, learn and develop your ideas? Contact the studio.

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    Stay with us for updates of new arrivals of art supplies,  art creation activities, and promotion activities. 




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